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# 1010-xx Clean-Bor Tubes 1-1/8" (27-28mm) ID, smooth interior walls

For single patient use, but may be cold sterilized. Lightweight, Low compliance.

1010-xx type tube is shown 1st from left in photo: With integral cuff.

Tubing fits any 1-1/8" (27-28mm) OD port. Tubing fits instruments made by Collins, Gould, Godart, Jaeger, Sensormedics, Vitalograph.

Tubes are individually bagged, clean - not sterile. BULK tubes are not individually wrapped. Tubes have integral end fittings.

Tubes made from ethylene vinyl acetate, contain no latex. Temperature range from -35 degC to +60 degC.

Adapter available to fit any size instrument.

Custom length and diameters available, min order $750.

Latex free.

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2013

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

CLEAN-BOR TUBE 1-1/8'' x 14'' 1010-14 6.60
  Buy 5 or more for $5.90 each

CLEAN-BOR TUBE 1-1/8x14, BOX OF 50 1010-14-BULK 265.00

CLEAN-BOR TUBE 1-1/8" x 36" long 1010-36 8.80
  Buy 5 or more for $7.90 each

CLEAN-BOR TUBE 1-1/8x36, Box of 50 1010-36-BULK 353.00