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Video: Individual Exercise Routines (12 Phase Tapes)

Individual Routine Videos from the # 9304 Post Rehab Training Course

This is a set of 12 video "phase tapes" that consist of pre-designed exercise routines for the shoulder, back and leg. They are intended for individual client education and for home based programs. This optimizes time utilization for both trainer and exerciser (client). It allows the trainer to work with one client while another client previews and studies a tape to gain an understanding of the exercise.

Phase tapes are "break outs" of the long tape Post Rehab Fitness Course. While the long tape instructor course (No. 9304) provides intensive instructions for the professional, these "break out" tapes are shorter individual routines for the patient/client.

Authors: David Dallmeyer, R.P.T. ; Kevin Fisher, D.C., Scott Wenz, M.A.

By Professionals for Professionals!

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Idividual Exercise Routines (Phase Tapes) 9305 549.00