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Home Exercise Videos for Back, Shoulder & Leg

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The # 9306 Back Exercise Video: Perfect compliment to the ball video exercises for the low back. Most back problems include a combination of strength and flexibility. These problems are addressed in the Phase III Back Video. It provides real-time instructions applying specific joint stabilizing techniques.

The # 9308 Shoulder Exercise Video: The shoulder routine's emphasis is scapular stabilization and aggressive GHJ & Rotator Cuff strengthening

The # 9310 Leg Exercise Video: General leg joint exercises. The knee routine is all closed chain and follow the latest McConnell typerecommendations. Our progression is very carefully picked to allow a stable knee from the hip and low back to the ankle and foot. Authors: David Dallmeyer, R.P.T. ; Kevin Fisher, D.C., Scott Wenz, M.A. For export specify video format

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Home Back Exercise Video 9306 39.95

Home Shoulder Exercise Video 9308 39.95

Home Leg Exercises Video 9310 39.95

Shipping & Handling (In USA up to 3 tapes) 9991 10.00