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VACUMETRICS INC (Including VacuMed, a division of Vacumetrics Inc.)

Vacumetrics Inc., was founded in 1968 by John Hoppe in Waltham, Massachusetts. The company's goal was to develop a mass spectrometer for pulmonary gas analysis and mass spectrometer accessories in general.

The company introduced its first commercial mass spectrometer in 1970. In 1972, Statham Instruments of Oxnard, California acquired Vacumetrics and moved the company and its key employees to Oxnard. Two years later, Gould Inc., in turn, acquired Statham Instruments and sold the mass spectrometer product line.

In 1974, John Hoppe started a new company in Ventura, California called, again, Vacumetrics Inc. VacuMed is a division of Vacumetrics, Inc., specializing in medical instrumentation and supplies.

The company moved to it's present facilities in October 2001. It now occupies 6,000 square feet at 4538 Westinghouse Sreet, Ventura, California, in an industrial park near the 101 Freeway. The company manufacturers approximately 50% of the products it sells and acts as a distributor for the balance. VacuMed distributes products worldwide. You may order direct from VacuMed or from one or our distributors located worldwide. Click on DEALERS to find the distributor closest to you.


Name Title Phone Ext
Position Open Manufacturing Manager 17
Hau Cao Software Development 20
Stevie Customer Service 12
Anita Thomson Accounting Manager 14
John Hoppe President 13
Susan Mercer BodyStat National Product Specialist 11
Lori Rodarte V.P. Operations, Purchasing 15
Position open Chief Science Officer