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Your Guide to Selecting a Metabolic Measurement System

Metabolic Measurement Systems are also known as Metabolic Carts, Ergospirometers, CPX System, VO2 Measurement System and Calorimeters. Whatever you might call them, and whatever your intended use is, be it maximal exercise testing, sub-maximal exercise testing, resting energy expenditure or nutritional assessment, this is a 7-step course on how to select and buy such a system. We will present evidence that VacuMed's Vista Systems are your best choice.

If you plan to set up an exercise stress testing laboratory, you may also want to read our

"Helpful Hints on how to set up an Exercise Stress Testing Laboratory".

Step 1: Who is VacuMed

Step 2: VacuMed's Vista Systems
Links to VacuMed VO2 systems
TurboFit Software Specifications
Resting Energy Expenditures
Sample Print-outs

Step 3: Accessories & Options
Patient Interfaces
Ergometers, how to select

Step 4: Accuracy & Calibration
Deceptions of the Douglas Bag Validation Method
Metabolic Calibration
The Metabolic Calibrator

Step 5: Performance Guaranty
After-Sale Service

Step 6: The Competition

Step 7: Prices

Who is Vacumed
Vista Mini-CPX
Vista Mini-CPX System
Accuracy & Calibration
Performance Guaranty