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VacuMed's Vista Metabolic Measurement Systems

  • Vista "VO2 Lab"
    A new low-cost VO2 Measurement System

  • Vista MX
    A traditional mixing chamber VO2 Measurement System

  • Vista MXplus
    A special research instrument with additional long-term recording channels, to record analog tracings such as ECG, blood pressure, chest movement, in-vivo temperatures. Also automatic re-checking of ambient gas values (Fi), or willful introduction of changes in inhaled gases during a test. Details to come, inquire now.

  • Resting Energy Expenditures
    (REE, RMR or BMR)

  • Vista Mini-CPX
    The Mini-CPX combines the accuracy of a mixing chamber system with the Breath-by-Breath features of less accurate systems. Why? Read this!

  • Updating an older System?
    (Or add VO2 to your existing gas analyzers)

  • TurboFit Software Specifications
    (TurboFit Software is used in every VacuMed Vista system)

  • Sample Printouts
    (We can also fax or mail)

Summary Report with predicted VO2
AT selection report
Numerical sample print-outs
Graphic sample print-out
Training Schedule print-out
Typical Resting VO2 print-out (REE, BMR, RMR)

Who is Vacumed
Vista Mini-CPX
Vista Mini-CPX System
Accuracy & Calibration
Performance Guaranty