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Performance Guaranty

Vista "Vista" Systems

A. The Performance Guaranty
Is there any other company that offers this written Performance Guaranty?

  • Guaranteed Performance: VO2 and VCO2 accuracy within 3%,
    Ventilation measurement accuracy within 2%.
  • Guaranteed Up-time: We guarantee that the VacuMed Mini-CPX system will be operational 97% of the time over a 5-year period following the date of shipment.
  • Guaranteed Low Maintenance Cost: We guarantee that your total repair costs over a 5-year period will not exceed $ 995.00 if you purchase the 5-year warranty extension.
  • Guaranteed Free Expert Installation and Instructions: We will not charge you for installation, setup and instructions (US & Canada only).
  • Guaranteed Access to Experts: We guarantee that you will have access to top level management and design experts by phone, fax or e-mail.
  • Guaranteed Free Software Upgrades for 5 years.
  • Guaranteed Money Back up to 90 days if the instrument does not perform as expected.

B. After-Sale Service

Let's be honest, no company is perfect 100% of the time, but how dare we offer this written Performance Guaranty? We doubt that there is any instrument company in the world that never had to take back an instrument from a dissatisfied customer, but no one has ever returned one of our Mini-CPX metabolic measurement systems!

It must be working right and we must be treating our customers right.

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Vista Mini-CPX System
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