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Metabolic Measurement Systems for Rest, VO2max and VO2submax

New 5-year warranty on all
VO2 measurement systems

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VO2 From Vacumed

Start here, the best system: Vista Mini-CPX"

The above list includes metabolic measurement sytems and optional features and accessories. With the recent availability of lower priced gas analyzers, we can now offer complete systems, such as the Vista VO2 Lab, starting around $6,000.

VacuMed's Vista systems were first introduced in 1984. Since then they have been improved by nearly 30 years of refinements and customer suggestions. We were first to introduce Microsoft Windows-based software and we do confidently claim that our Vista systems with our TurboFit software are the most accurate on the market. Compare, who else guarantees the accuracy of the VO2 and VCO2 measurement to be better that 3%?

All of VacuMed's metabolic measurement systems utilize our proven TurboFit software. TurboFit takes full advantage of today's high resolution color graphics and is capable of multi-tasking by operating under Microsoft Windows xp/Vista. Multi-tasking allows you to run the "Cardio-ECG" 12-lead ECG system simultaneously on the same computer on either 1 or 2 monitors.

If you are setting up a new lab, check out Dr. Andrew's Corner , "Helpful Hints for Setting up an EXERCISE STRESS TEST LABORATORY". We can also fax it to you, just ask for data sheet number 6789. Vista/TurboFit is actually a family of instruments available in the following versions:

  • Vista "SlimLab" and "SlimLab PRO are our newest entries, specifically designed for RMR/BMR/REE measurements
  • Vista "VO2 Lab" is specifically designed for Health and Fitness facilities, as well as teaching institutions. VO2 accuracy at a low introductory price.
  • Vista-MX2 is a traditional mixing chamber system with exceptional accuracy and reliability.
  • Vista-MX/REE is customized for high accuracy resting VO2 and VCO2 measurement, such as BMR, RMR and REE, using the canopy (hood) method or for ventilated patients.
  • Vista Mini-CPX with over 300 units sold in over 22 countries offers reliability and flexibility with many options, just click on the Mini-CPX button above.
  • Vista PC Interface is an option available if you already have your own gas analyzers and other accessories, or, if you wish to update older instruments from other manufacturers, such as Beckman carts, Jaeger or PK Morgan systems.
Most Vista systems use a permanently calibrated turbine flow meter, which is one of very few flow measurement devices that are essentially free of dependence on physical properties of gases, resulting in reliable, accurate ventilation measurements from rest to VO2max.

A free demonstration CD is available, which will allow you to experiment with all the features of the TurboFit software. For portable operation, we now use a USB interface that can be connected to any desktop or notebook PC. This will make any VacuMed metabolic measurement system as portable as your notebook computer.

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2013