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17960 Lode "Corival" Ergometers: Upright, Recumbent and Nuclear **** A Best Buy

For fitness testing, rehabilitation, pulmonary function, cardiology, physiotherapy or occupational medicine

Easy USB or analog interfacing to most metabolic carts

Constant workload to 750 watts, peak to 1000 watts

The Corival is an RPM-independent ergometer. The control panel provides digital read-out of workload and pedal speed. The workload is continuously adjustable from 7 to 1000 Watts by simply turning a knob, and the load is independent of the pedaling speed in the 30-150 RPM operating range. The Corival operates silently, enhancing communication between operator and test person. Due to the platform and low center of gravity, the ergometer is extremely stable during operation. A retractable wheel enables you to easily move the ergometer to another location. The material chosen for the housing is impact resistant and is therefore suitable for use in exercise areas of physical therapy departments.

The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted to accomodate adults or children, allowing you to test a larger segment of the patient's population. The Corival's unique "step-through" feature makes it easy for elderly or physically impaired patients to position themselves on the ergometer.

The Corival's workload is controlled electro-magnetically. This time-tested design simplifies the electronics and uses very few moving mechanical parts. Accuracy of workload and RPM is not influenced by mechanical drags or changing environmental conditions. As a result, reliability and accuracy of the Corival are unsurpassed. Also, its design permits rapid on-site servicing, should it ever be required.


  • Price shown includes non-programmable control unit # 17960-1
  • Dimensions : 111cm x 62cm x 125cm
  • Weight : 60kg
  • Power requirements : 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 130 VA
  • Load range (continuously adjustable) : 7-1000 Watts
  • Accuracy RPM : deviation < 2%
  • Load : deviation < 3%
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 160 kg
  • Optional programmable display in 15 pre-programmed languages

External Control (Input / Output)

Both USB and analog interfaces are standard Input: External load control
100 (W) = 1 (V) analog
Output: Load 100 (W) = 1 (V)
100 rpm = 1(V)


  • Heart Rate Sensor with receiver, built into the ergometer,
    read out of heart rate on Workload Programmer.
  • Pediatric option
    Pediatric saddle and crank shortener.
  • Programmable Control Unit # 17960-1A
    This option enables you to programm up to 50 protocols. An additional display on the control unit is facing the doctor or operator. You can interface on the PC in your chosen protocol. For example, moving backwards or forwards to the previous or next step or going to recovery in the protocol. During the test the protocol will be shown on the PC. It's also possible to register the heart rate.
  • Blood Pressure Module
    An ECG triggered blood pressure module with DKA (Dimensional K-sound Analysis). Requires the optional heart rate module or an externally supplied ECG pulse (TTL pulse). Comes with cuff and double-sided microphone.
  • The 0-watt Option
    Permits starting the ergometer without load (0 watt) at a rpm of 60. The number of revolutions is increased from 0 to 60 by means of a motor drive. With this option there is no energy loss due to the start-up phase (to 60 rpm).
  • TurboFit Exercise Manager Software Optional Windows-based software provides PC-control and creates custom workouts and graphs and records watts, heart rate and many other variables.
    Click here for TurboFit Exercise Manager
    (Programmable Control Unit not required for TurboFit)

Corival Recumbent Ergometer now with adjustable incline
The new Corival recumbent has essentially the same features as the standard Corival; it can be used for obese and elderly test subjects and rehabilitation. The ergometer is suitable for test subjects up to 250 kg. These test subjects can exercise optimally with the recline adjustable from 110 to 161 degrees. Thanks to the well thought-out design, the ergometer is easily accessible for all test subjects and patients. The workload range of 7-1000 watt makes this ergometer suitable for various applications.

Control Panel

Thanks to the simple keyboard it is possible to access the full menu functions with only 3 buttons. The optional programmable control unit has multiple preprogrammed languages available. The Corival recumbent is suitable for all body sizes.

Nuclear Design:
The Nuclear Corival is an electromagnetically braked ergometer without handlebar to make it easy to place the ergometer direct in front of a scanner.

Portable Corival?
Planning to take the ergometer on the road? A "Portable" version is available that has a collapsible handle bar column that reduces the overall height during transportation from 112cm to 84cm. Extra cost see below.

Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

Last Updated: 3 Mar 2021
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

"Corival CPET" Ergometer recommend Touch Control Unit 17960 7,700.00

"Corival" Recumbent Ergometer with Touch Control Unit 17965 15,750.00

Touch Control Unit (factory installed) 17960-1 925.00

Touch-screen Programmable Control Unit 17960-1A 1,195.00

Control Unit (not factory installed 17960-2 1,200.00

Large Saddle 17960-3 80.00

Large Saddle to fit Corival CPET 17960-3A 125.00

Heart Rate Option 17960-4 595.00

Pediatric Saddle 17960-5 45.00

Shortened Saddleshaft 17960-6 595.00

Blood Pressure Module (factory installed 17960-7 2,500.00

Wingate option 17960-8 3,995.00

Zero-watt Option 17960-9 2,950.00

Longer Saddle Shaft (Adds 10 cm) 17960-10 345.00

Horizontal Saddle Adjustment 17960-12 250.00

Adjustable Length Cranks (Lode version) 17960-13 750.00

BPM Headphone Set 17960-14 550.00

Adjustable Length Cranks (VacuMed version) 17900 650.00