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"DHD CliniFLO®" Incentive Spirometer

Low-flow spirometry just reached new high.

New DHD CliniFLO® is ideal for SMI therapy in geriatric, pediatric or weakened patients. With Flow Settings as low as 100 ml/sec, virtually any patient can sustain the minimum inspiratory effort required for effective therapy. Slow inspirations enhance collateral ventilation and minimize patient discomfort when performing post-surgical breathing exercises.

  • User-friendly indicator simplifies training and helps patients maintain the correct inspiratory flow rate.
  • Flow rate dial is located on the back of the unit, reducing the chance of patients adjusting their own settings.
  • Wide range of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 ml/sec accommodates virtually any patient's flow requirements.
  • Maximum flow rate of 600 ml/sec reduces the risk of choosing a rate too high for the patient.
  • O2 port makes it easy to provide oxygen during therapy.
  • Compact-size unit fits comfortably on patient's nighstand.
  • Easy to grasp, carry or hang on bedrail.
DHD CliniFLO is a registered trademark of Smiths Medical

Sales price expires 30 Dec 2015, only 2 cases left at this price.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2015

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"DHD CliniFLO" Incentive Spirometer, case of 12 26-22-1200 88.95 59.00
  Buy 1 or more for $59.00 each