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"Nafion" H2O Absorbing Tube

Absorbs excess moisture in gas analyzer sample tubes.

This semi-permeable membrane tube with braided shield replaces drying colums in gas analyzers and metabolic carts. It instantly reduces moisture to ambient humidity.

Approx 18 inches (45 cm) long x 0.04 inches (1 mm) inner diameter x 1/16" (1.5 - 2 mm) outer diameter tapered hosebarbs.

To install, just cut the sampling line of your gas analyzer and insert Nafion tube. Works bi-directionally, meaning it also humidifies any dry calibration gas.

Note: Alter STPD correction to reflect the presence of ambient humidity, not dry gases.

Special Sizes
Available on special order.
No. 17048-XS is raw Nafion (without braid or connectors)
0.64mm ID, sold by the meter only
OD = 0.84mm, 0.033 inch)
Other sizes available.

Replace every 12 months!

Last Updated: 9 Sept 2010

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Nafion Dryer 18 inches long with male luer connectors 17049 50.00
  Buy 5 or more for $45.00 each

Nafion unbraided, 0.64mm ID, per meter 17048-XS 95.00
  Buy 5 or more for $75.00 each