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# R699x Reusable Silicone Anesthesia Masks

Non-conductive, translucent, autoclaveable

Designed for patient comfort and in 8 sizes
to allow an exceptional leak free fit


  • All sizes have a standard 22mm Female Gas Port Connection
    (Use 1467 coupler to connect to 22mmID tubing)
  • Designed with minimal dead space
  • Silicone rubber material:
    - Durable, resilient
    - Comfortable feel to skin
    - Resistant t oxidation & chemical degradation
    - Autoclavable / sterilizable / pasteurizable
    - Non-conductive
    - Transluscent
  • Molded single piece construction
  • Adaptable to other respiratory applications
  • Masks are Latex free

Explanation of Sizes

Mask Size           Age Fit                         Catalog Number
#00 Premature       Less than 38 week Gestation Age R6998
#0  Neonatal        Birth to 1 month                R6997
#1  Infant          1 to 12 months                  R6996
#2  Pediatric Small 1 to 5 years                    R6995
#3  Pediatric Large 4 to 9 years                    R6994
#4  Adult Small     9 to small adult                R6991
#5  Adult medium    Large adolescent/medium adult   R6992
#6  Adult Large     Large adult                     R6993


R600077 Rubber head harness for premature, neonatal & infant size masks. Two strap style that mates with the 2-prong hook ring # R410041.

R600076 Rubber head harness for pediatric size masks. Four strap style that mates with the 4-prong hook ring # R410040.

R600075 Rubber head harness for all adult size masks. Four strap style that mates with the 4-prong hook ring # R410040.

All head harnesses have straps with multiple notches for adjustment which extend from the cap portion to the prongs on the hook ring. These designs are well recognized by users as a convenient method of securing an anesthesia mask for a comfortable and leak free patient fit.

R410040 Four prong hook ring for pediatric & adult masks. It is removable and fits over exterior diameter portion of masks at the 22mm Female Gas Port Connection.

R410041 Two prong hook ring for infant, neonatal & premature size masks. It is removable and fits between the mask and the tubing adapter.

We can mail or fax more detailed data sheet

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2021
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

4-prong Hook Ring for Pediatric & Adult Face Masks (Metal) R410040 14.00

2-prong Hook Ring for Premature, Neonatal & Infant Face Mask. Fits between mask & tubing adapter (Metal) R410041 14.00

Head Harness for Adult Small, Medium & Large Face Mask R600075 47.50

Head Harness for Pediatric Small & Large Face Mask R600076 47.50

Head Harness for Premature, Neonatal & Infant Face Mask. (Adapts with 2-prong hook ring) R600077 63.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 4 R6991 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 5 R6992 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 6 R6993 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 3 R6994 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 2 R6995 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 1 R6996 70.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 0 R6997 63.00

Anesthesia Mask, size # 00 R6998 70.00