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Sodalime CO2 Absorbent, 3-pound Bag (1.36kg)

Non Hygroscopic Soda Lime USP-NF

Used in re-breathing systems.

Type: High Moisture (12 - 19%)

Ganule size: 4 to 8 US mesh (2.5 to 5.0 mm)

Color Indicator: Ethyl Violet: White to Violet


* Do not use with chloroform or trichloroethylene.
* Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
* Avoid direct sunlight.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

Last Updated: 8 July 2006
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

"Sodalime" CO2 Absorbent, 3-pound bag 1034 14.15
  Buy 12 or more for $12.70 each