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# 17150 Air Flow (Volume) Meter

Direct replacement for a Parkinson-Cowen meter

This gas meter is used for measuring inspired ari volumes in exercise physiology and it will interface perfectly with our Vista-TurboFit system. It's main 10 liter dial with manual reset has a diameter of 6 inches (15cm). Four additional resettable dials can total up to 99,999 liters.

For computer interfacing this meter may be supplied with a continuously rotating 10K potentiometer attached to the front dial, which rotates once every 10 liters. By applying a constant voltage accross the potentiomenter, the potentiometer wiper arm delivers an output voltage proportional to 0 to 10 liters.


  • Accuracy: +/-1%
  • Flow Resistance: Approx 5 - 6 cmH2O at 10 liter/sec
  • Tube Fittings: 1-3/8" (35mm)
  • Suggested connecting tubes: No's 1011-xx, 22231.
  • Typical Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks.

Last Updated: 18 April 2018
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Air Flow Meter 17150 4,260.00

Installation of Potentiometer on Face Plate 17151 650.00