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17980 Lode "Excalibur" Sport 3000 W Ergometer

See also "Pedal Force Measurement" model

This ergometer is a more sophisticated version of the Excalibur. The load can be set up to 3000 Watts. It is supplied with Workload Programmer and Sport Set (race-saddle, race handlebars, toe-clips). This ergometer is designed for training and testing professional cyclists and it is useful at university test centers and sports medicine. The Excalibur Sport is not suitable for arm ergometry.

The Excalibur Sport is extremely well suited for anaerobic tests, tests for measuring sprint capacity. These tests are done in sports medicine and research. Two frequently used tests for anaerobic capacity are the Wingate test and the Brue test. Each test takes about 5-30 seconds and loads up to 2000 Watts are not unusual.

To measure the anaerobic capacity or 'explosive' energy with the Wingate test, the braking force (Torque in Nm) has to remain constant throughout the test. With the Lode Wingate software for the Excalibur Sport (up to 3000 Watt) a Computer can control the ergometer to keep the Torque (based on the total bodymass of the person) constant.

For the Bruce test, another anaerobic sprint test, one needs an ergometer with linear adjustment like the Excalibur (Sport). That means that the ergometer is RPM dependent (cycling faster means a higher load).

A Workload Programmer comes standard with the ergometer; it enables you to control the unit manually or automatically. The software for the Workload Programmer includes the standard Aststrand protocol and 50 free programmable user protocols. During tests the Workload Programmer display shows the load, RPM, est. METS, est. VO2, energy etc. The Excalibur has an RS232 outlet for communication with other systems or a personal computer by way of the bidirectional Computerlink option.


  • Load continuously adjustable
    : hyperbolic /10-3000W; 30,6-6120 kpm/m
    : linear /10-1500W; 30,6-6120 kpm/m
  • Weight : 100 kg
  • Dimensions : 200 cm length x 100 cm Width x 70 cm height


  • Pedal Force Measurement option available, see model 17985.
  • Heart Rate
    Sensor and receiver to monitor test person's heart rate. The heart rate appears in WLP display during tests.
  • Doubly connected handlebars and triathlon saddle now standard
    For greater stability during vigorous exercising.
  • Zero-Watt Start-up system:
    The 0-watt option gives the opportunity to start the ergometer without load (0 watt) at a rpm of 60. The number of revolutions is increased from 0 to 60 by means of a motor drive. With this option there is no energy loss due to the start-up phase (to 60 rpm).
  • Wingate Software
    Besides the pedaling speed dependent and pedaling speed independent modes of the Excalibur Sport, the wingate test gives you a "constant torque mode" with this options we obtain online information about anaerobic capacity and power.
  • TurboFit Exercise Manager Software: Optional Windows-based software provides PC-control and creates custom workouts and graphs and records watts, heart rate and many other variables.
    Click here for TurboFit Exercise Manager
    (Programmable Control Unit not required for TurboFit)

Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

Last Updated: 2 Mar 2021

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Excalibur Sport Ergometer 17980 26,950.00

LEM/Wingate Test Option 17980-2 3,995.00

LEM Module Export 17980-3 1,195.00

Pediatric Saddle 17980-4 30.00

Crankshorteners (Children 7 years and up) 17980-5 350.00

Upgrade to 1300 Watts (Upgrade for older models) 17980-7 900.00

Heart Rate 17980-6 595.00

Zero-watt Option 17980-8 4,850.00

Easy Saddle Exchange 17980-11 485.00