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Non-Diffusing Gas Bags (Douglas Bags)

Aluminized polyester material

Model R6xxx bag has four ports for easy access for filling and sampling. The female luer-lock fitting on top of the gas bag connector provides access 25 inches of polyethylene tubing, which is looped inside the bag for mixing gas injected through the port, or for sampling of the bag at mid-depth.

We can mail or fax a more detailed datasheet.

The main port is a 1-3/8 inch ID o-ring port.
We suggest shut-off valve # K-5311, stopcock # R2100C or R3900C, they fit into ID of bag port.

For tough polyvinyl chloride "Douglas" collection bags see 1196-xx page .

Latex free.

Last Updated: 13 June 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 5-liter R6005 260.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 15-liter R6015 276.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 30-liter R6030 315.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 60-liter R6060 422.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 100-liter R6100 495.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 170-liter R6170 575.00

NON-DIFFUSING BAG, 500-liter R6500 800.00