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Running Men
4125 Market St #10
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
# R79xx Exercise Stress Test Masks, Pediatric, Mouth breathing only

Silicone face masks

These masks have a separation between nose and mouth that permits mouth breathing only. This separation may be cut out if undesirable.
Masks make a good seal for 90% of the population, use with the "Ultimate Seal" for problem fits.

See also same mask R89xx series for mouth and nose breathing

Mask includes head gear. Latex free.

Special masks are available with a nose port for nose breathing only.
Port dimensions shown below are O.D., other dimensions available by special order.

Click here for mask replacement parts

Last update 16 Jan 2013

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Large Ped Mask with R2630 Y-valve (35mm) R7951 532.00

Large Ped Mask with R2600 T-valve (35mm) R7952 459.00

Large Ped Mask with R1420A Y-valve (22mm) R7953 459.00

Large Ped Mask with R1410A T-valve (22mm) R7954 385.00

Small Ped Mask with R1420A Y-valve (22mm) R7973 459.00

Small Ped Mask with R1410A T-valve (22mm) R7974 385.00