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Differential Pressure Transducers

Ideal for Physiologic Measurements

Photo shows transducer in optional housing.
To mount transducer in housing with cable, order # 4506 or 4507.

Prices are for bare transducer with solder terminals.
All transducers are symmetrical.
The actual size of the transducer is about 1.3" square.

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

PRESSURE TRANSDUCER 100cm 4500-100 325.00

Cable, 10 foot, with WC4-22C connector and housing installed, adapts any transducer to Validyne 4501 90.00

Housing, 10 foot cable with tinned leads for self installation of connector 4506 80.00

Housing, 10 foot cable with 6-pin connector to fit 4510 demodulator 4507 90.00

Pressure Tubing, Semi-Soft, 1/8 inch ID, 25 feet 59018 25.00
  Buy 5 or more for $22.50 each