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"ChestTest" Spirometer Operating Supplies

This model is discontinued, supplies are still available


A stand-alone or PC-based spirometer all in one, with a disposable transducer and automatic calibration. We are so sure that ChestTest is the perfect office spirometer, we back it with a three year warranty. In addition to this generous warranty we have priced ChestTest to eliminate the competition, while including as standard equipment many features that other manufacurers make extra-cost "options", such as the ability to print data on the standard internal printer or directly to a full page external printer. Print one test, or all tests in the 50-patient memory, with a simple pushbutton control. No warm up, no calibration, no worry about cross-contamination when you use the disposable, pre-calibrated sensors, which cost less than most disposable filters.

The ChestTest meets all accuracy standards including OSHA, NIOSH,and Social Security Disability, insuring maximum third party reimbursement. Immediate selection and calculation of spirometry results as well as flow/volume loop, volume/time curve, MVV, and pre- and post bronchodilator comparisons are available on the large, easy-to-read, built-in printer.

Most spirometers are either stand-alone spirometers or PC-based spirometers. ChestTest can be both with the optional PC interface kit which allows you to use ChestTest as a PC-based spirometer with real-time graphics and unlimited data storage.

  • No Cleaning, No Sterilization, No Filter
  • Pre-calibrated transducer eliminates the need for cleaning and eliminates to risk of patient cross-contamination.
  • "ChestTest" includes ATS-legal print out
  • Pre- and post bronchodialator
  • Reliable & Easy to Use
  • Disposable flow transducer is pre-calibrated, assures reproducible and accurate test results that are instantly visible on LCD display or printed out.
  • Display prompts provide step-by-step instructions, making everyone an instant expert.
  • Cost Effective
  • Pays for itself with as little as one test per week.
  • Portable for Off-site Use Flow/Volume Loops & Flow/Time Curve
  • Instantly calculates normal values and compares test results with published predicted values according to height, sex and age for a "silent" second opinion.
  • Automatic best test selection.
Tests Performed VC, FVC, FEV1, FEV3, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75%, FEF25-75%, FIVC, PIF, FVC/FIVC 

Last Updated: 14 June 2012

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

ChestTest spirometer 16600 0.00

PC-software and cable 16601 495.00

ChestTest Disposable Sensors, Box of 50 16602 185.00

ChestTest Printer Paper, 2-roll pack 16603 19.00

Pressure Tubing to Sensor (Bag of 5) 16607 12.00

Calibration Syringe, 3-liter 1092 345.00