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CDX Spirometer Supplies

The products listed here are VacuMed product sold as direct replacements for CDX products

"Recording Paper"

"Cup Mouthpiece" Our # 1005

"Nose Clips" Our # 1008

VacuMed # 1011-34 replaces CDX 616-3101 "Spirometer Hose" only,
purchase "Mouthpiece Adapter", our # 1085 separately.
Or use "Cardboard Mouthpiece", our # 1025 with the Mouthpiece Adapter.

"Spirometer Filter" our # 3420
Small end of "No. 22253 Adapter" fits onto small end of Mouthpiece Adapter, large end of Filter then fits into 22253 adapter.
Use small end of filter as mouthpiece.

Last Updated: 14 Jan 2006

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