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"Monark" 928E Pro VO2

The Monark 928 Pro V02 is designed to be able to perform sub maximal fitness tests and make calculations of the maximal cardiovascular capacity. The device can of course also be used for normal exercise. The ergometer has an adjustable brake system, which shows workload in watts at a pedalling speed of 60 pedal revolutions per minute. The Monark 928 ProVO2 is equipped with a computer showing pedal revolutions per minute (RPM), heart rate in beats per minute (HR), exercise time in minutes and seconds (TIME), workload in watts (WORK LEVEL WATT) and calculated maximal oxygen uptake capacity in litres per minute (L/MIN) and in millilitres per minute and per kilo bodyweight (ML/ MIN/KG).

The traditional kp scale is converted to watts. A walk-through frame and easy adjustments of the saddle and handlebar make this bike very user friendly. The subjects should pedal at a frequency of 60 rpm during the test. A perfect bike for aerobic tests and training.


Large, well-balanced flywheel 22 kg (48 lbs). Pendulum scale, possible to calibrate. Adjustable saddle with quick release lever. Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever. Stable frame, solid steel tube. Powder painted. Wheels for easy transport. Electronic display with heart rate.


The meter is a new model that can be turned so the person conducting the test can retain full control. The metronome on the display is fully visible to the test person.


  • Chest belt included.
  • Width 550 mm (22") at handlebar.
  • Width 640 mm (25") at support tubes.
  • Length 1240 mm (49").
  • Height 1260 mm (50") at handlebar.
  • Height 790-1160 mm (31-46") at seat.
  • Weight 58 kg (128 lbs).
  • Max userweight 250 kg (550 lbs)

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2022

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Monark ProVO2 17928E 5,500.00
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