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VacuMed "Vista Mini-CPX"


July 28, 2013


17670   Vista Mini-CPX System (Silver Edition)	$15,235.00 

New 5 year warranty!

Includes the following: VISTA Mini-CPX Interface & TurboFit-Windows Software (IBM) for Exercise Stress Testing, O2 and CO2 Analyzer, automatic barometric pressure and temperature sensors; air cushion mask starter kit with turbine flow sensor. Recommended Accessories: 17038A Polar Heart Rate Watch Interface 295.00 P-1050-1 Heart Rate Watch 59.00 1092 Calibration Syringe 345.00 16949 Tank pressure regulator 175.00 17043 Digital Humidity/Temperature Meter 65.00 16914 Calibration Gas ED Size 4% CO2, 177.00 16% O2, Bal N2 17670-1 Bi-directional Turbine Flow Cartridge, 295.00 (spare) V2KIT Reusable "V2" Silicone Mask Set 433.00 (smal, medium and large) TOTAL RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES $ 1,844.00 TOTAL ALL ABOVE $17,079.00 PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE ON-SITE SERVICE. Vista Options (Not included in above) V704-02 Low-flow sensor kit $1395.00 (for RMR, BMR, REE) 17010 TurboFit Device Driver to control 565.00 devices not purchased from VacuMed 13620 Institutional Treadmill, PC controlled 6,795.00 17960 Lode "Corival" Ergometer (999 watt) 6,675.00 795-6000 "Cardio" 12-lead ECG System, PC-based 4,995.00 TANGO Electronic Blood Pressure Meter 4,495.00 (May need additional accessories) 17612 Workstation-type mobile cart 1,435.00 50505 Power Conditioner (110V) 350.00 (Required for ECG use) -------- OR ------ 50506 Power Conditioner (230V) 435.00 (Required for ECG use) Computer Options 50529 "IBM-compatible" Computer 2+ GHz, mouse, 4GB RAM, 100+ GB hard drive, CD ROM, 895.00 50526 Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor, 17" 495.00 or 50511 Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor, 22" 795.00 50426 Color printer 199.00 CPX with ECG needs 22" monitor, 17612 cart and high-speed PC. THE ABOVE PRICES ARE IN U S DOLLARS Additional options, accessories & spare parts on Vista Mini-CPX Quotation Addendum. Typical shipping schedule after receipt of order: 2-4 weeks depending on options ordered. Terms: Click on terms in PRODUCT FINDER. FOB: Ventura, CALIFORNIA, Treadmills and Ergometers fob factory. Vacumetrics, Inc., VacuMed Division This is a sample quotation only, prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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