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"Monark" 839E Computerized Ergometer


The Monark 839E computerized ergometer is based on the renowned 818 chassis with added micro-computer controller.



  • Menu driven program
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Can provide a constant load, independent of pedalling rate (Also known as hyperbolic or iso-power)
  • The load can be displayed as power (watts or kpm/min), constant force (kp or N), or as VO2 (estimated ml/kg/min)
  • On line pulse readings via telemetric chest electrodes or optical earlobe sensor
  • Serial communications to an external PC or EKG
  • Direct printer connection port
  • Direct calculation of aerobic capacity with builtin protocols:
    Astrand, YMCA, Bruce and Naughton
  • Can be pre-set for step-by-step change in workload and time intervals, ramp or incremental
  • Individual exercise protocols can be programmed and stored
  • Traaining protocol: workload is automatically adjusted to achieve and maintain target heart rate
  • Easy to calibrate, mechanically and electronically.
Braking power: Up to 1400 watts
Voltage: 110 /220
Max width: 21" (530 mm) at handlebar
Length: 45" (1150 mm)
Height: 30 - 44" (800 - 1120 mm) at seat
Height: 30 - 45" (760 - 1135 mm) at handlebar
Weight: 118 lbs (53 kg)

Measureable Units
Distance in km
Energy in kcal
Force in N
Power in watts, kpm/min & VO2
Time in min:sec
Pedal speed in rpm (revolutions per minute)

Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

Last Updated: 31Mar 2016

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Monark 839E Computerized Ergometer 17839E 13,500.00