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"Monark" 894E Ergomedic Wingate Test Ergometer

Wingate test ergometer with PC interface & software.

New model 894E replaces 834E

For accurate power tests using the Wingate protocol.
The weight basket can be preloaded with precise work load amount. Then, at the start of the test, the work load is applied immediately via a quick release lever. Maximum loading capacity is 14 kp. Computer software tracks and reports power, peak power, average power, minimum power, power drop, time and rpm's. Self-calibrating. Includes racing pedals with toe clips, and extra wide support tubes for added stability. PC not included.

Main functions:

  • Ergometer bike for Wingate tests
  • Connects to PC for data recording (PC not included)
  • No calibration required thanks to self adjusting brake system
  • Works also as a standard weight ergometer

    Technical Specifications

    • Large, well-balanced flywheel 22 kg (48 lbs).
    • Adjustable saddle; vertically and forward/backwards.
    • Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever and quick-lock.
    • Stable frame, with square tubing.
    • Powder painted.
    • Wheels for easy transport.
    • Length 1120 mm (44").
    • Width 530 mm (21") at handlebar.
    • Width 670 mm (26,5") at support tubes.
    • Height 890-1130 mm (35-44,5") at handlebar.
    • Height 800-1120 mm (31,5-44") at seat.
    • Height 1030 mm (40,5") at front
    • Weight 65 kg (144 lbs).

    One year manufacturer's warranty

    Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

    Last Updated: 5 Jan 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Monark 894E Wingate Test Ergometer 17894E 8,500.00