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"MicroCO" Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer

Ideal for smoking cessation programs and CO poisoning/smoke inhalation screening.

The MicroCO is an innovative Carbon Monoxide Monitor designed specifically for use in busy Surgeries and clinics, combining accuracy and simplicity at an economical price. Used for both smoking cessation programmes and CO poisoning/smoke inhalation screening the easy to read display indicates both Carbon Monoxide concentration in ppm or %COHb.

With all electrochemical gas sensors regular re-calibration is required and a rapid, economical factory re-calibration service is available for locations unwilling to store Carbon Monoxide on their premises.

Typically, the calibration will remain stable to within 2% for 1 month and within 10% for 6 months. For customers wishing to perform their own calibration, a certified calibration gas of 50 ppm CO, balance N2, is required.


  • Small lightweight and portable.
  • Supplied with all accessories in a sturdy carry-case.
  • Breath hold timer.
  • Factory calibration service.
  • Auto-Zero facility.
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Ergonomic design.

Customer Benefits

The MicroCO is powerful diagnostic tool for measuring Alveolar Carbon Monoxide concentration and the percentage Carboxyhaemoglobin. Operating from a single 9V PP3 battery for approximately 30 hours and using standard 22mm mouthpieces MicroCO is the most cost effective CO monitor available.

Ease of Use

Measurements are easily obtained from a single expiration and are aided by an auto-zero function at turn on, combined with a breath hold timer. These results are then displayed on the large, easy to read liquid crystal display. The MicroCO is supplied complete with all necessary accessories in a sturdy carry-case.

Design Innovation

Ergonomically designed unit of distinctive appearance, the textured handgrip encourages easy and reassuring use. The MicroCO is small and light-weight, moulded from high impact ABS for durability and apart from the requirement for regular calibration is virtually maintenance free.


    Gas detected: Carbon Monoxide
    Concentration range: 0-500PPM
    Sensitivity: 1 PPM
    Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees centigrade
    Operating pressure: Atmospheric +/- l0%
    Hydrogen sensitivity: <3% (10-100PPM)
    Sensor life: >1 year
    Sensor drift: <2% per month
    Dimensions: 170x60x26mm
    Weight: l55gm (Net); 560gm (Packed)
    Display: 3.5 digit custom LCD
    Power supply: Single 9 volt PP3

Included (free) "Cobra" software offers a simple solution for performing and storing carbon monoxide breath tests on a PC.
(The S-3017 has an RS232 connector)

Calibration gas kit includes tank, regulator and tubing,
for shipping add $ 17 hazardous handling fee.

Replacement Mouthpieces: See 1021-100

Main Unit: 3 years parts and labor
Gas Sensor Cell: 2 years

CO Check+ Smoking Cessation Monitor
New! Ask for data sheet

Last Updated: 3 Nov 2019

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer S-3017 1,280.00

"Cobra" Software S-3018 0.00

50 ppm CO Cal Gas Kit (bal N2) S-3019 190.00

Smoking Cessation Monitor S-3020 745.00