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Electronic Inspiratory / Expiratory Pressure Meter (RPM)

Simple tests for respiratory muscle strength to +/- 300 cm H2O

This electronic Mouth Pressure Meter is a hand-held device designed for the assessment of respiratory muscle strength and features a clear digital display of either expiratory or inspiratory pressure. It combines both accuracy and simplicity at an economical price. The Micro RPM is eminently suitable for use by all healthcare professionals.


  • Provides digital display of both expiratory and inspiratory pressure
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean
  • Competitively priced
  • Permanently calibrated, but may be re-calibrated with typical blood-pressure manometer
  • Optional "PUMA" PC software
  • Supplied complete with all necessary accessories


  • OPERATING PRESSURE: +/- 300 cmH2O (+/-5psid)
  • BURST PRESSURE: +/- 700 cm H2O
  • ACCURACY: +/- 3%
  • RESOLUTION: 1 cm H2O
  • POWER SUPPLY: Single 9 volt battery
  • DIMENSIONS: 170mm x 60mm x 26mm
For replacement disposable mouthpieces order our #1025,
for reusable mouthpieces order our #1001.

For a lower-priced non-electronic alternative see 1505

Health Canada Medical Device License Number 32883

Last Updated: 22 Jan 2021

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Electronic Pressure Meter 1506 1,400.00