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Dr. Andrew's Corner

  1. VO2 for Dummies: Chapter 1
    What is VO2?

  2. VO2 for Dummies: Chapter 2
    Why measure VO2?

  3. VO2 for Dummies: Chapter 3
    What are the Aerobic, Lactate, Anaerobic and Ventilatory Thresholds ?

  4. Why calibrate Ergometers?
    By Andrew Huszczuk Ph.D., 1998

  5. Resting Energy Expenditure "REE"
    By Denise Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSD, 1998

  6. Calibration of Metabolic Systems
    By Andrew Huszczuk Ph.D., 1998

  7. The Metabolic (Lung) Simulator as a Teaching Instrument

  8. Helpful Hints for setting up an
    Exercise Stress Testing Laboratory

  9. How to select a Cycle Ergometer
    (Stationary Bicycle)

  10. Deceptions of the Douglas Bag Validation Method

  11. The Accuracy Issue of "True" Breath-by-Breath VO2 Measurements

  12. Errors in VO2 Testing

The Metabolic (Lung) Simulator
Calibration of Metabolic Systems
Stress Testing
Resting Energy Expenditure "REE"
Why Calibrate Ergometers
How to select a Cycle Erometer
Deception of the Douglas Bag