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Job Opportunity

April 2016

Job Description for Manufacturing Manager
Last Update: April 2016

Job Function: Vacumetrics is a very small company and everyone is responsible for multiple functions and responsibilities. This job function includes the overall management of manufacturing, assisting with research and development of new products and responding to customer service inquiries regarding product repairs.
General Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in biomedical electronics or equal experience.
Previous experience in electronic design and repair.
Previous experience in sales, customer contact
Willing and able to travel internationally for trade shows or product installations,
Prefer a Non-Smoker
Extensive experience with Microsoft Windows.
Some programming experience: ??
AutoCAD or similar, ORCAD or similar.
Experience with vacuum or pressure measurements?

Details of Manufacturing Manager Function:
1. Supervise Manufacturing Department; will report directly to President.
2. Responsible for production scheduling for all products built in-house.
3. Responsible for quality control function of in-house built products as well as "re-sell" products where we act as distributor.
4. Supervise the adherence to quality control procedures and maintain related documentation.
5. Assist with writing of test procedures and Instruction Manuals.
6. Assist Shipping and Receiving regarding incoming inspection and identification of parts.
7. Assist Purchasing Department in selection of vendors.
8. Must be able communicate directly with customers for product related problems.
9. Prepares weekly Manufacturing Status Report on status of product schedules and distributes same to department managers and President.
10. Assist Sales/Customer Service function:
Assist Sales Department with customer related problems of technical nature.
11. Assist Research & Development function:
Testing of prototypes
Research component specifications
Prepare drawings in CAD
Research and identify compliance with international standards, such as IEC 60601, CE marking.
Prepare documents relating to FDA and European Union Medical Device (CE mark) requirements.

Make no mistake about this: This is a position part manager, part technician. Troubleshooting analog and digital electronics, final testing of electronics devices is a critcal part of this job. Please submit resume, INCLUDING a letter with details of specific experiences as they relate to above needs.

Additional desireable but not essential:
Multi-lingual, especially Spanish.