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Job Description: Chief Science Officer

20 August 2018

Experience, common sense, intuition, good communication skills may be more valuable than a degree. This is a hands-on position!

Experience should include basic knowledge of gas analysis, electronics, mechanics, vacuum, human physiology, such as ventilation, breathing, exercise, oxygen consumption.
Also business management, some international exposure, computer science.
Must be able and willing to travel internationally.

Specific duties will include the following:

1. Production & Manufacturing
Dept. supervision, integration with budgets, product development, regulatory,
CAD, basic programming principals
work orders, planning, inventory management

2. Product Development
Forecasting, R & D
Product improvements, design controls
New products: feasibility, research, overview

3. Regulatory Issues
Document control: See Quality Manual
FDA compliance & inspections, annual management audits

4. Customer Service/Marketing Support
Respond to product inquiries
Custom quotations
Customer complaints (Beyond front desk)
Major trade show attendance

All replies will be held strictly confidential!

E-mail resume to John Hoppe, President,