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Calibrators, Calibration Syringes

What is the difference between various Metabolic Simulator options:

Start with the basic motorized syringe, such as # 17050-3. This is a 3- liter motorized syringe with adjustable Tidal Volume and Breathing Rate, essentially a lung simulator.

In order to add the ability to simulate metabolism, it is necessary to add a Metabolic Simulator Kit that permits introduction of a metabolic gas mixture, typically 21% CO2, balance N2.

Option 1: Model 17051A uses a calibrated rotometer to adjust the amount of metabolic gas introduced to achieve the desired VO2 and VCO2. Accuracy depends somewhat on how well you adjust the floating ball.

Option 2: In model 17054 the rotometer is replaced by a precision electronic mass flow meter, but flow adjustment is still manual.

Option 3: Only available in models 17056 and 17057, a mass flow controller is used, where the metabolic gas flow is controlled by variable and preset electronic adjustment.