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# R272x Head Support for Valves R1420 & R2630, R2700 series

Has no counter-balance strap

No. KM400 Economy Valve Support
Connects Non-rebreathing valves and mouthpiece to head gear support.
Includes head gear, strap attachment plate and strong rubber bands to keep the mouthpiece and valve connected

Last Updated: 21 March 2021

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

HEAD SUPPORT FOR R1420 & R2630E R2725 325.00

HEAD SUPPORT for R2600, R2700, R9326, R9327, R8226, R8227. R2726 250.00

HEAD SUPPORT FOR R2630 & R2730 R2728 250.00

HEAD SUPPORT FOR R2630C & R2730C R2729 410.00