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# 1464 Non-Rebreathing Valve T-valve 10/BAG (Disposable)

A disposable valve, all ports 22mm OD

A single patient use non-rebreathing valve.
Do not autoclave.
Dead space: 20cc
Resistance: 0.29 cmH2O at 5 liter per minute flow, 0.65 cmH2O at 10 liter per minute.

The Adapter - Reducer at the bottom of the photo is available separately as #1464-1
Small end = 15.25mmOD x 12mm ID
Large end = 25.3mm OD x 22mm ID taper

Want a mouthpiece to fit this valve? Search for # 1018-22 disposable or 1002 reusable.

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2024

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Non-Rebreathing T-Valve 10/Bag 1464 95.00
  Buy 5 or more for $92.00 each

Adapter - Reducer, bag of 10 1464-1 40.00
  Buy 10 or more for $38.00 each