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Tank Pressure Regulators

For use on ED-size tanks

Photo above is not exactly the regulator we provide, but is does show "yoke" type tank adapter. Green oxygen nipple not included, to order search for number 1510.

# 16949 (shown right) and 16950 is for with O2 - CO2 gas mixtures in ED-size tanks.

# 16951 fits ED-tanks with N2

# 16953 fits H-tanks with various air mixtures

Index pins prevent cross-use of regulators.

Pressure Regulators for Oxygen Tanks:
Small O2 tanks (ED-size) use Yoke-type CGA 870 connector, see model 16952.

Large O2 tanks require a pressure regulator with nut and gland connector (CGA 540) see model 16954 below.

Consider the GAUGE SAVER:

Thick rubber gauge guard protects pressure gauges if tank falls - a lot cheaper than buying a new regulator (Not for # 16949).

Last Updated: 29 Apr 2015

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Tank Pressure Regulator for PD & Sd-Size Tanks 16939 68.00

Tank Pressure Regulator, single gauge, click stop 16949 185.00

Tank Pressure Regulator with CGA 973, dual gauge, continuous adjustment 16950 395.00

Tank Pressure Regulator with CGA 960, dual gauge 16951 245.00

Tank Pressure Regulator CGA 500, dual gauge 16953 295.00

Pressure Regulator with Flowmeter, CGA 870 16952 245.00

Pressure Regulator with Flowmeter, CGA 540 16954 215.00

"Gauge Saver" Rubber Protector for 16951 M2902 28.00