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Vista PC Interfaces for VO2 with your existing gas analyzers

Interfaces any O2 & CO2 analyzer to a PC with Windows-based software.

The Vista PC interface is the black box between the monitor and the PC, PC not included.

This is an 8-channel A:D interface with on-board barometric pressure and temperature sensors, including TurboFit software.
Now includes barometric pressure compensation of gas sensor signals. Windows xp, 7 and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) compatible.

This is ideal if you already have some of the components, such as gas analyzers, or if you want to upgrade older systems, or if your prefer a modular system with individual self-contained gas analyzers.

Typical components to make a fully functioning Exercise Stress Test System:

Click on "TurboFit" for software features and specifications.

Last Updated: 2 June 2014

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Vista Interface with TurboFit Stress Testing Software 17001 5,995.00

Vista Interface with Turbine Flowmeter & TurboFit Software 17003 7,995.00