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Hydrostatic Weighing Tanks

Complete systems for manual or computerized operation

Hydrostatic Weighing Measurements

Hydrostatic measurements are based on the assumption that the density and specific gravity of lean tissue is greater than that of fat tissue. Therefore, lean tissue will sink in water and fat tissue will float. By comparing a test subject's weight measured out of the water and submerged underwater, body composition can be calculated.

But even the Gold Standard is not flawless. Measurement techniques must be strictly controlled. The air remaining in the lungs of a test subject must be accurately determined. You must, as a minimum requirement, estimate the residual volume remaining in the lungs. We recommend # MD6300 "Micro" spirometer.

For most accurate body fat determination you must measure the residual volume. Our model 17400 RV Measurement System will do it for you.

Modern hydrostatic weighing systems are computerized to minimize measurement errors. For more information, we can fax or mail you our data sheet No. 17062.

Order Scale, Loadcell System, Pump-Filter-Heater Unit, Nylon Chair, and Weightbelt separately. Click on "Loadcell & Indicator Set" for a computerized weighing system.

Typical turnkey systems contain the following items:

  • Package A2: Plastic Tank with manual scale: No. 17062, 17066, 17065, 17068 or 17067.
  • Package B2: Plastic Tank with computerized loadcell package: No. 17062, 17066, 17065, 17071.

Search for 17071 for complete loadcell package.

More Information, click below . . .

Click here to open the Tank Data Sheet, (A PDF file)

Click here to read frequently asked questions about tank installation,
(A PDF file)

Bodyfat (Hydro-WT) Software only
manual entry or via Loadcell system

Sample Report
(Click on photo to enlarge it,
then on BACK button to return)

Key Features

  • Software operates by receiving data automatically via the RS232 interface from the Loadcell Indicator or by entering underwater weight manually.
  • Accepts input of measured residual volume or enter Vital Capacity and software will calculate an estimate of Residual Volume.
    (Vital Capacity measurement requires an inexpensive spirometer.)
  • A selected number of weight entries may be averaged.
  • Software runs on Windows 7 - 10.
  • Demodisk available on request.
For a short version of the user Manual,
Click here to open a PDF file.

Photo of 17065 Pump/Filter/Heater module

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2024

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Hydrostatic Weighing Tank, Plastic, round (correct photo to come) 17062 14,995.00

PUMP FILTER HEATER ASSY 110V 17065 2,495.00

PUMP FILTER HEATER 220V 17065F 2,495.00


Chatillion Scale, 15 kg 17068 849.00

Chatillion Scale, 9 kg 17069 795.00

Nylon Chair only (included with 17066) 17066-1 195.00

Weight Belt only (included with 17066) 17066-2 30.00

Complete Load cell package: includes load cell, indicator and PC interface 17071 2,995.00

Weight for Belt only 5 pound ( included with 17066) 17066-3 35.00

Bodyfat (HYDRO-WT) SOFTWARE 17072 635.00