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Ventura, CA 93003
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Mixing Chambers for Component Stress Test Systems

Use with our 17001 or 17003 Vista Interface

Precision machined clear acrylic, low resistance, ideal for VO2 max tests.

All tubing ports are 1-3/8" (35mm) OD.

Quick disassembly for easy cleaning.

Model 17104 Rectangular Mixing Chamber works Best
Made from attractive brown (smoke) acrylic
Size: 11.25" (29mm)W x 8.5" (22mm)D x 3.75" (10mm)H.
Front inlet port 1-3/8" (35mm) OD.
(Flow sensor must be mounted in front of chamber)

Click here to see 17104 mixing chamber
(Chamber on bottom of photo)

Last Updated: 10 Aug 2012

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Mixing Chamber, 3-liter 17101 695.00

Mixing Chamber Rectangular, 4-liter 17104 565.00