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Ametek / AEI CO2 Analyzer (CD-3A)

Infra-red type, fast response.

Photo shows both Ametek O2 and CO2 analyzers on VacuMed Metabolic Cart model MX-Ametek.


The Model CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer provides a continuous and accurate measurement of gases containing up to 15% CO2. The Model CD-3A has the rapid response necessary for breath-by-breath analysis during respiration. It is also ideal for laboratory applications requiring high accuracy and sensitivity.


  • Wide range: 0 to 15% CO2
  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Rapid response - ideal for accurate breath-by breath measurement
  • End Tidal CO2 Display
  • Microprocessor controlled - reliable, low maintenance operation

The Gold Standard in laboratory carbon dioxide analysis
for over 20 years, worldwide.


A complete Model CD-3A consists of a sensor, readout/control unit, and cable. When the sample gas is passed through the sensor, a voltage that is a function of the carbon dioxide concentration of the gas is generated. This voltage is fed to the readout/control unit via a connecting cable.

The optional R-1 (Single Channel) or R-2 (Dual Channel) Flow Control Unit can be used to draw the sample through the sensor. Each flow control unit contains a pump, a needle valve, and a flowmeter for each channel. Other gas handling equipment can be used if preferred, such as VacuMed's low cost flow controller noted at the bottom of this page.

Model CD 3-A Specifications

Speed of Response:
100 milliseconds to 90% of final value for a step change in carbon dioxide concentration.

± 0.02% carbon dioxide or 1% of the reading, whichever is larger

± 0.01% carbon dioxide

Digital Display: ± 0.01% carbon dioxide

0-15% carbon dioxide

Continuous display of CO2 concentration or End Tidal for each breath

Analog Output:
0 to 7.5V for 0 to 15% CO2

Sample Flow Rate:
10-1000 ml/min

± 0.02% carbon dioxide at 5% in 8 hours maximum drift

Sensor Tubing Connections:
(IN/OUT) Both 1/8 inch OD stainless steel tube

Requires flow controller. Dual flow controller may be used if you buy both O2 and CO2 analyzer. 220 volt version of flow controller slightly higher.

See VacuMed No. 17001 or 17003 PC Interface to construct a VO2 measurement system or update the one you have.

See also VacuMed No. 17503 Low cost flow controller.

Last Updated: 8 Mar 2017

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Ametek CO2 ANALYZER (CD-3A)115 volts 17220 14,450.00

Aametek CO2 Analyzer (CD-3A) 230 Volts 17221 14,450.00

Ametek Dual Flow Controller (110V) 17241 2,592.00

Ametek Flow Controller (110V) 17240 1,800.00

Flow Controller (220V) 17242 1,800.00

Dual Flow Controller (220V) 17243 2,775.00

VacuMed Flow Controller 17503 995.00