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# 17500 O2 & CO2 ANALYZER & 17501 TRI-GAS ANALYZER

Analyzers in a single enclosure.

Key features of model 17500:

  • Standard Infrared CO2 sensor
  • Choice of O2 sensors
  • Barometric pressure compensated gas sensors
  • 16 bit A:D Data conversion
  • O2 has dual range: 0 to 25% FS and 0 to 100% FS
  • Analog outputs on BNC connectors
  • Optional USB interface with Windows software
  • Internal gas sampling pump
  • Front panel 3-gas selector switch: Gas 1, Gas 2 and Sample Gas (For instant connection to calibration gas)

Key features of model 17501:

Model 17501 includes standard CO2 sensor, fast fuel cell O2 sensor. N2 is derived by subtraction.

Multi-Gas Display Software
Windows-based graphic via USB interface. Has 3 analog BNC inputs, 5 or 10VDC full scale.
Strip chart-like recording, automatic data saving. Replay and Zoom. CO2 scale is preset zero to 10% CO2, O2 and N2 scales are preset to zero to 100%.

1 year warranty, warranty details in FAQ

Last Updated: 29 Oct 2018

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

O2 & CO2 Analyzer Set (Std CO2 + Fuel Cell O2) 17500A 9,995.00

O2 & CO2 Analyzer Set (Std CO2 + Fast Fuel Cell O2) 17500B 9,995.00

O2 & CO2 Analyzer Set (Std CO2 + Paramagnetic O2) 17500C 12,995.00

O2, CO2, N2 Multi-Gas Analyzer 17501 13,750.00

Multi-Gas Display Software (USB) 17502 1,995.00

EtCO2 option, add 17500-1 750.00

0 to 15% CO2 modification, adds 17500-2 350.00

EtO2 option available in model 17500B only, adds 17500-3 1,500.00

Gas return port on rear panel, adds 17500-4 200.00