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"Cardio" PC-based ECG Systems

12-lead FDA listed Stress Test System

  • Simultaneous 12 Lead Diagnostic Acquisition.
  • WINDOWS: Point & Click User Interface.
  • Real-Time 3, 6 or 12 Lead Color Display of ECG Complex.
  • Automatic ECG Interpretation
  • No battery needed, self-powered from USB port
  • Full Patient Demographics & Information.
  • HR w/ Global Measurements, Complete Interval Values & ST information.
  • Capture Unlimited ECG Durations of Patient ECG Data to Hard Drive or any Storage Medium.
  • User Selectable Lead Formats on Final ECG Report.
  • Print Final Report to Non-fading Laser Hard Copy (Color or black & white).
  • R-wave Trigger Signal for Echo Machine and Auto BP Machine
  • Complete Test Storage of ECG Data to Hard Disk, Floppy or Optical.
  • Twelve Preprogrammed Protocols with 10 User Defined Protocols each with 40 Stages.
  • Graphs / Tables: H.R. and BP Trend, Speed / Grade, Representative beats for all Stages,
  • View / Print Full Disclosure Measurements for all Stages, ST max. / ST avg.
  • On-screen Status of Test: Phase Time, Total Time, Speed, Grade, Target HR, 12 Lead ST Levels & Slopes.
  • Report Transmission via Fax or Network.
  • Post Test Review / Editing of ECG Data.
  • Baseline Correction and other filters to minimize motion artifact.
  • Network, e-mail, Import, Export functions
  • Remote internet monitoring
  • One year warranty

Medical Grade Stress Treadmill (see option below)

  • ZERO Start Capability
  • Speed Range: 0 - 12 mph.. Elevation Range: 0 - 25 %.
  • Patient Capacity: 350 lb.
  • Independent Treadmill Controller included which allows independent operation of Treadmill without Cardio Card Stress interface.

Click here for more about the Treadmill

The following Ergometers are also supported

  • Cateye
  • Ergoline
  • Lode
A free Database Management System is included with this product! This integrates histories for all patients, whether stress or resting.

We can fax you more details.

Price does not include computer or cart.

Cart Options

Cardio-PC connects the patient lead cable directly to your PC, but if you prefer a mobile cart-mounted system, these are the options:

Last Updated: 17 June 2023

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

"Cardio" PC-based Stress Test System 795-6000 4,995.00

R-Wave Trigger Option & Cable 795-6001 500.00

Institutional Treadmill 13620A 7,695.00