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Hydraulic Pinch Gauges

50 and 95 pound models

  • Reads in both pounds and kilogram
  • New extended-range heavy-duty model can
    measure pinch strentgh up to 95 pounds/45kg
  • 3-year warrantee
  • Carry case included
The Baseline hydraulic pinch gauge uses the improved hydraulic system of the hand dynamometer to assure convenience, product reliability and measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The therapist can support the pinch gauge during testing. This yields a more accurate test result for all pinch tests (tip, key and palmer). The new larger head model is easier to read and has more measurement graduations.

23 Sept 2014
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Hydraulic Pinch Gauge, 95 pounds, large head 12-0228 295.00
  Buy 5 or more for $275.00 each

Hydraulic Pinch Gauge, 50 pounds, standard head 12-0235 250.00
  Buy 5 or more for $240.00 each

Hydraulic Pinch Gauge, 50 pounds, large head 12-0239 275.00
  Buy 5 or more for $260.00 each