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Humidity and Temperature Meter, +/-2%

Pocket size, battery powered, accurate

  • Humidity measurement range 0 to 100% RH
  • Temperature measurement range -10 to +60 degC
  • Lightweight, pocket-size
  • Extendable probe
  • Automatic POWER-OFF
  • HOLD button to freeze the screen and save the reading
  • Fast Response with +/-2% Accuracy
  • Included: Two AA battery, belt clip & Carry Case
Ideal for the Physiology Lab

This pocket-sized meter provides a fast and convenient way to accurately spot-check relative humidity and temperature. The instrument includes a HOLD button which allows the user to retain an RH or T measurement until it has been noted or recorded. If no measurements are made for three minutes, the unit automatically switches itself off. This automatic POWER-OFF function extends battery life.

Retractable probe makes this a very portable instrument.

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2015

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Humidity & Temperature Meter (Model HM40 since 2015) HM34 590.00