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Adapters to fit your existing Rudolph Valve to a Face Mask

You need to purchase Adapter and 1 Face Piece to attach your Rudolph Valve

Need a replacement part for a Rudolph mask?

Click here to download the Mask Cross-reference Table PDF file.

"Accessories" to Face Piece means head cap, straps and clips.

R200537, R200595, R200596 Face Pieces are for mouth breathing only, this means they have a separation between mouth and nose. This separation may be cut out.

Last Updated: 8 March 2013

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Large Mask Face Piece & Accessories R200537 102.00

Adapter R2700 to R792x & R793X Face Piece R200542 133.00

Adapter R2600 To R794X Face Piece R200543 94.95

Adapter, V-Mask to MIR turbine & R2700 R200583 140.00

Adapter R26xx to Ped Face Piece R200584 140.00

Adapter PED FACE PIECE to R14XX R200585 100.00

Adapter R1410 to R794X Face Piece R200591 95.00

Medium Mask Face Piece & Accessories R200595 120.00

Small Mask Face Piece & Accessories R200596 115.00

Large Pediatric Face Piece R669044 95.00

Small Pediatric Face Piece R669071 97.00

Adapter with 1-3/8" (35mm) ID o-ring fitting (Adapts to K-valve) K1186 85.00