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Vista-MX: Mixing Chamber Type Metabolic Measurement System

A Research Quality, Breath-by-Breath Mixing Chamber VO2 Measurement System

Now with 2-year warranty
and optional warranty extension of 3 years for $995,00

Mixing chamber not shown

Click on "TurboFit" for software features and specifications.

We guarantee +/-3% accuracy of the
VO2 and VCO2 measurement!

Vista-MX is a complete metabolic measurement system for Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Stress (VO2 and VCO2) and Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) testing. It may be used as a portable desktop system with your own computer, or with your choice of integrated mobile carts, including "IBM-compatible" computer and Super-VGA high resolution monitor.

The basic Vista-MX includes O2 and CO2 gas analyzers, permanently calibrated turbine ventilation meter, a USB interface with our "TurboFit" software and either a mouthpiece or face mask interface. All you need to add is a PC.

Photo on right: Vista-MX with notebook PC and pole cart
(Click on photo to enlarge it,
then on BACK button to return)


  • Electro-chemical fuel cell O2 sensor and infra-red CO2 sensor.
    (Gold Edition uses paramagnetic O2 sensor)
  • Flow Sensor: Permanently calibrated turbine. Accuracy: +/- 2%. Optional low-flow sensor for pediatric measurements.
  • Nafion permanent dryer
  • USB Plug-and-Play PC interface
  • External Inputs:
    ECG/Heartrate digital and analog
    Heart Rate interface imports heart rate from any Polar watch (optional)
    RS232 ports for treadmill and/or ergometer control
  • Size/Weight: 35.5 cm W, 9.5 cm H, 35 cm D, 10 pounds.

Other Options

    Computer, monitor, printer
    12-lead ECG
    Blood pressure module with SpO2 option
    EtCO2 module
    Mobile carts (Click on "Other Options" above)
    Computer controlled treadmill
    Computer controlled ergometer

    Click here for Single-use & reusable mouthpiece and mask setups

    For precision resting measurements using a canopy (hood)
    see "Model MX-REE"

    Rental or lease available

    Last Updated: 12 Aug 2020

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Vista-MX Metabolic Measurement System 17590 0.00

Vista-MX (Gold Edition) 17593 0.00

Vista-MX Reconditioned, 2-yr warranty 17590-RECOND 6,995.00