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One Way Valves Mini to Giant

Also known as "Check" valves

One-Way valves available in six sizes incorporate a unidirectional silicone Spiral-Type diaphragm that allows flow in one direction only through the valve. Low dead-space. Low resistance to flow. Reusable.

Datasheet available

See also low-cost "IBE" 22mm valves, search for IBE

Last Updated: 9 July 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Mini One-Way valve, 10.5mm OD x 7.5mm ID R1230A 165.00

Mini One-Way Valve, 15mm OD x 10.5mm ID R1230B 165.00

Mini One-Way valve, 22mm OD x 15mm ID R1230C 165.00

Extra Small One-Way Valve, 10.5mm OD / 7.5mm ID R1240A 165.00

Extra Small One-Way Valve, 15mm OD / 10.5mm ID R1240B 165.00

Extra Small One-Way Valve, 22mm OD / 15mm ID R1240C 165.00

Diaphragm Stop for R1810 R1407 16.00

Replacement Valve Diaphragm for R1810 R1808 18.00

Replacement Diaphragm Ring (Seat) for R1810 R1809 16.00

Small One-Way valve, both ports 22mm OD x 15mm ID R1810A 179.00

Small One-Way valve, both ports 25.4mm (1 inch) OD x 22mm ID R1810B 179.00

Valve Diaphragm for R1240 ABC R2208 48.00

Diaphragm Ring (Seat) for R1240 ABC R2209 45.00

Diaphragm Ring (Seat) for R1230 R2309 42.00

Replacement Diaphragm for R5610 R2608 21.50

Replacement Diaphragm Ring (Seat) for R5610 R2609 21.00

Replacement Diaphragm for R5710 R2708 26.00

Replacement Diaphragm Ring (Seat) for R5800 R2709 19.00

Small One-Way Valve with 22mm OD / 15mm ID ports R5010 245.00

Diaphragm Stop for R5610 R5603 15.00

Medium One-Way Valve with 1-3/8" (35mm) OD, 1-1/8" (28.6mm) ID ports R5610 185.00

Diaphragm Stop for R5710, R2700 R5703 18.25

Large One-Way Valve with 1-3/8" OD, 1-1/8" ID ports R5710 235.00

Extra Large One-Way Valve with 2" OD, 1-3/8" ID ports R5800 625.00

Replacement Valve Diaphragm for R5800, R7200 R5803 26.00

Tube Reducer for R5800 to 1-3/8" R7012 90.00

Valve Diaphragm for R1230 R602025 50.00