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"UVM": Universal Ventilation (Gas Flow) Meter, Bi-Directional

A Laboratory Device for Precision Electronic Gas Flow & Volume Measurements

No. 17099 on right

  • Gas Flow & Volume Measurements in Physiology and Biology
  • Metabolic Measurement Systems
  • Douglas Bag Volume Measurements
  • Bag-in-Box Volume Measurements
  • Replacement for: Mechanical Gas Meters, Rolling Seal Spirometers,
    Water Sealed Spirometers (Tissot)
  • Industrial Gas Flow & Volume Measurement
The UVM is a microprocessor based flow and volume measuring device intended for a variety of physiological studies such as pulmonary function testing, exercise metabolic measurements, stress testing and metabolic nutritional assessment. Turbine transducers are known for their accuracy, stability of calibration and easy interfacing to PC's and data aquuisition systems.

No warm-up, No drift, No calibration

The 17125 is a compact instrument used for precision gas flow measurements and is equipped with a programmable 8-digit LCD counter for display of volume or flow. This unit is recommended for any gas flow measurements, either uni-directional or bi-directional, including Breath-by-Breath measurements using a turbine transducer measuring both inspired and expired flow directly at the subject's mouth.

Display Options

  • Inspired or expired tidal volume, automatic reset after each breath
  • Inspired or expired accumulated volume,
    automatic reset after 999999 liters
  • Inspired or expired flow rate

Signal Outputs

(All signals are available simultaneously)
  • Inspired tidal volume, analog, 0 to 4 liter = 0 to 10 VDC,
    reset after each breath (2.5 V/L)
  • Inspired volume, TTL pulses
  • Breath-by-breath (peak) inspired tidal volume,
    0 to 4 L (2.5 V/L output)
  • Inspired accumulated volume, 0 to 40 liter = 0 to 10 VDC (250 mV/L)
  • Inspired flow rate, 0 to 10 liter/sec = 0 to 10 VDC,
    reset after each breath
  • Expired tidal volume, analog, 0 to 4 liter = 0 to 10 VDC,
    reset after each breath
  • Breath-by-breath (peak) expired tidal volume,
    0 to 4 L (2.5 V/L output)
  • Expired volume, TTL pulses
  • Expired accumulated volume, 0 to 40 liter = 0 to 10 VDC (250 mV/L)
  • Expired flow rate, 0 to 10 liter/sec, analog 0 to 10 VDC (1 L/s/V)
  • RS232 (Interface protocol available) output updated every 20 mL)

Turbine Transducer

Our Turbine Transducer is specifically developed for a variety of precision uni-directional and bi-directional gas flow measurements in the educational, medical and research fields. The rugged flow meter is designed for high reliability and simplicity of use. Product benefits include wide measuring range, small deadspace, low resistance to flow, no zero or gain drift, and insensitivity to gas concentration changes.

Mouthpiece connection: Our # 1001, 1003 and 109NT mouthpieces will fit onto the standard fitting supplied with the UVM. A optional mouthpiece adapter with saliva trap is available as part number 17099. Our 1022 cardboard mouthpiece will fit into the mouthport fitting.

Standard Flow Transducer
Flow range: 0.1 L/sec to 12 L/sec
Resolution: 10 mL/pulse
Connector Size side 1: 1.00 inch (~27mm) nominal ID
1-3/8 inch (35mm) OD
Other end: 1-3/8" (34.85mm) ID
1.58 inch (40mm) OD
Standard Cable Length: 6 feet

Volume Measurement: +/- 1.5%
Flow Measurement: +/- 0.5% at steady flow

Optional Windows Database Software

A Windows-based real time waveform display software package based on our TurboFit software is available. Volume and flow variables may be displayed either breath-by-breath (each breath or averaged) or in any fixed time interval. Manual input of temperature, barometric pressure and humidity permits automatic btps and stpd calculations. Click here for a screen capture of the #17129 software:
TurboFit-FV Software

Software display options include tidal waveforms, flow-volume loops, tidal volume and accumulated volumes, as well as the variables listed below. Any variables may be plotted against any other variable. Saved data may be re-displayed, averaged or exported to other spreadsheet or data base programs.

The following variables are available for graphic and/or numeric display:

  • Time
  • TV (Tidal volume, inhaled and/or exhaled), atps, btps or stpd
  • Ve (Minute Ventilation, inhaled and/or exhaled), atps, btps or stpd
  • RR (Respiratory Rate)
  • PF (Peak Flow)
  • Mean Flow
  • Inhalation time (Duration)
  • Exhalation time (Duration)
  • VTi100.
All variables may be averaged by selected time-periods,
or by number of breaths, on and off-line.
Plot any variable against any other variable,
including Flow-Volume plots, Volume-Time and Flow-Time plots.

Signal Summation Box
Analog inhale and exhale signals are separated on standard UVM. The Summation Box combines signals for a continuous sine-wave like signal.

This product is not intended to cure, diagnose, heal or mitigate any illness or condition.

Last Updated: 26 Nov 2019

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Ventilation Meter, bi-directional (UVM) 17125 4,495.00

Opto-electronic Turbine Housing only (replacement) 17025 925.00

Turbine Flow Cartridge only (replacement) 17025-1 490.00

Turbine Extension Cable, 10 feet 17025-2 110.00

Signal Summation Box 17126 150.00

Computer USB Interface Board 17128 395.00

TurboFit - FV (Ventilation Software) 17129 495.00

Mouthpiece Adapter with Saliva Trap 17099 288.00
  Buy 2 or more for $265.80 each

Pediatric Mouthpiece Adapter for 17099 1474 12.00
  Buy 10 or more for $10.00 each