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Tango Electronic Non-invasive Blood Pressure Meter

This one works during exercise

May be interfaced with VacuMed's CPX systems. Will automatically measure blood pressure at predetermined intervals and record both systolic and diastolic pressure in TurboFit software.

A VacuMed option for all Exercise Stress Test Systems

Non-invasive blood pressure measurements during exercise, whether performed manually or by automated equipment, is difficult and error-prone.

Manual measurements during strenuous exercise on an ergometer or treadmill present a challenge, even if performed by an experienced operator.

Most automatic measurement systems simply fail to operate during strenuous exercise, or the resulting measurements are inaccurate.

While blood pressure is seldom monitored during athletic exercise testing, the blood pressure response to exercise in a typical patient population may be a critical factor in determining when an exercise test must be stopped.

VacuMed's NIBP option utilizes a superior NIPB monitor that has been independently validated and proven to perform accurately during exercise. VacuMed's TurboFit software has been interfaced to this device, so that automatic NIBP measurements can be performed at pre-determined intervals, such as every 60 seconds, and the result of these measurements are automatically recorded in our software.

This permits the graphic display of blood pressure against such variables as time, workload, heart rate, oxygen consumption, respiration or any other variable available in our TurboFit software.

Tango must be synchronized with an ECG pulse (R-wave). Most ECG systems provide such a pulse signal. If not available, you must purchase the "Internal ECG Option". This is a 3-lead ECG.

TurboFit Exercise Manager Software: Optional Windows-based software records both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse pressure and Double Product. During an excerise session it can also record watts, heart rate and many other variables.

Click here for TurboFit Exercise Manager

Warranty: 2 years

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Electronic Blood Pressure Meter TANGO-M2 4,950.00

Headphone Kit (recommended) TANGO-2 185.00

IV-Pole Clamp TANGO-3 125.00

Finger SpO2 option TANGO-4 965.00

Internal ECG Option TANGO-5 550.00