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Calibration Gas Tank, ED-size, 20.94% O2, Bal N2 (Zero CO2)

Requires a pressure regulator with CGA 973 pin index


Cylinder Size: ED - 560 liters @ 2200psig.
Gas Mixture Precision: +/- 0.03% absolute.
Cylinder Size: 4.2 inches diameter x 21 inches tall.

High price due to low demand, suggest # 16924

Tank pressure regulator: CGA 973.

Hazardous cargo surcharge may apply.

Consider the GAUGE SAVER:

Thick rubber gauge guard protects pressure gauges if tank falls - a lot cheaper than buying a new regulator.

Last Updated: 29 Apr 2019

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Cal Gas Tank, "ED"-size, 20.94% O2, Bal N2 16919 750.00
  Buy 4 or more for $700.00 each

Tank Pressure Regulator, single gauge, click stop 16949 185.00

Tank Pressure Regulator with CGA 973, dual gauge 16950 395.00

Tank Basket holds ED size tank 17611-2 136.00