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Quotation for TurboAire Challenger System

June 14, 2023

We are pleased to offer Quotation # WEB-MASTER
Item	Description		       Quan  UM       Price

2009	TurboAire Challenger             1  each $2,435.00
2009-1	High Pressure Hose		 1  each      135.00
2009-4	High flow regulator Air (CGA346) 1  each     410.00
2012	Target ventilation meter	 1  each   1,150.00
2012-1	Adapter T-valve			 1  each     115.00
TAC2700	Adult 2-way valve		 1  each     385.00

TOTAL PACKAGE	                                  $4,630.00

The items above are for a "complete" system.

For pediatric use, order separately  

(or substitute for TAC2700) the TAC2600 valve. TAC2600 Pediatric 2-way valve $ 385.00 Note: No 2009-4 high flow regulator fits only to a
compressed air tank, for CO2 mixture you must order separately
(or substitute for 2009-4)
the no. 2009-3 regulator. 2009-3 High flow regulator for CO2 gas mix $ 410.00 Compressed air tanks should be ordered locally. For 220 Volt operation order # 2012-2 Power adapter $85.00 The price above are in U S dollars. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Delivery after acceptance or order: 4-6 weeks FOB: Ventura, CA Terms: TBD Valid: June 2023 Vacumetrics, Inc (VacuMed Division) John Hoppe, President

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

TurboAire Challenger Sample Quote only @2009 0.00