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17028 TurboFit Exercise Manager Software (TEMS)

TEMS controls exercise devices and displays and records results

TEMS controls via a PC serial port (RS232), or USB port with adapter, a number of exercise devices in order to program, control, display, record, review and print out an exercise session. TEMS runs on Microsoft xp, Vista and Windows 7 & 10.

TEMS allows you to program an exercise session or select from a number of pre-programmed exercise protocols, including linear ramps for ergometers and treadmills. Maximum exercise duration may be limited; also maximum workload may be workload and/or heart rate limited.

TEMS now includes an on-screen Metronome

TEMS displays and records numerical and graphical on-screen data:

  • Time
  • Ergometer watts, rpm, distance and duration
  • Treadmill speed, elevation, distance, watts and duration
  • Heart rate, total heart beats, heart rate reserve (With optional W.I.N.D.)
  • Estimated oxygen consumption (VO2)
  • Blood pressure, systolic, diastolic, mean, pulse and Rate-Pressure Product. (With optional Tango automatic blood pressure monitor)
  • Estimated METS
  • Total calorie expenditure
  • Kilojoules

Also permits in-test and post-test entry of heart rate (if exercise device has no heart rate output) blood pressure, SAO2 and RPE. Trend and overlay functions offer graphic comparison of changes or improvements in exercise tolerance. Sophisticated numerical and graphics printout features include BMI, BSA, heart rate reserve, a training schedule and other features. Data is saved in Microsoft ACCESS data base and may be exported to Excel.

TEMS allows you to insert markers during an exercise session, either text or auto-numbered, as well as a RECOVERY marker indicating start of a cool-down period.
Preset exercise programs may be modified during an exercise session, either to accellerate or prevent further increases at any time.

TEMS should be useful in documenting exercise-related variables in sport and fitness training, rehabilitation, as well as lactate threshold and VO2max determination without a metabolic cart.

Devices supported: Cateye EC1600 and EC3600, All Lode ergometers, VacuMed PC Ergometer and Pediatric Ergometer, VacuMed PC & R&D Treadmills, Parker and TrackMaster treadmills.

New: Voltage controlled ergometer interface
See # 17018. Allows software control devices controlled by external voltage. Standard model is set for 1 volt = 100 watts.

New: Polar Heart Rate Transmitter
Chest belt transmits heart rate
Reads heart rate into TEMS software online

License: User is authorized to install software on 2 personal computers to operate 1 exercise device. Additional device licenses may be purchased for $ 100.00.

Note: Some of above features are in the process of being implemented.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

For a more sophisticated interface that records heart rate and ventilation, click here for "VT Threshold Detector"

Last Updated: 5 February 2020

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

TEMS Software 17028 395.00

Volts Out Interface for voltage controlled devices 17018 365.00

Heart Rate Transmitter 17039 295.00