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Running Men
4125 Market St #10
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
Reusable "V-Mask" for Exercise Stress Testing (7400 Series)

See also further improved V2 masks (7450 Series)

The "V2-Mask" has replaced the V-Mask and 89xx series masks. Some accessories still available.

Adapters to valves and many flow sensors
Check the list below, V-Masks can be interfaced to most popular devices

All headgear, including new Quick-Release Headgear sold separately.

Port Adapters
All port adapters made of autoclavable polysulfone plastic, they mate to all 5 sizes of face pieces listed here.

Typical V-Mask to Valve Setup
Photo below shows V-Mask Face Piece, R200583 Adapter and Y2700 valve. (Y2700 is R2700 without mouthport)

Steam Sterilization:
10-15 minutes at 132-135 degC

Last Updated:4 Aug 2023
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Same as R2700, but no mouthport Y2700 345.00

Large Quick-Release Headgear R201418 75.00

Small Quick-Release Headgear R201419 75.00

Replacement Clips for Quick-Release Headgear (Set of 4) R201476 12.00

Standard Adult Headgear R200525 45.00

Large Pediatric Headgear R201079 50.00

Small Pediatric Headgear R201133 50.00

Adapter, V-Mask to Viasys Mass Flow Sensor CC1171 85.00

Adapter, V-Mask to Medical Graphics "Prevent" Flow Sensor R201003 225.00

Adapter, V-Mask to Schiller Flow Sensor R201519 102.00

Adapter, straight swivel port, 22mm ID R201453 102.00

Adapter, V-Mask to Jaeger Triple-V pneumotach R612399 180.00

Adapter, straight swivel port, 22mm OD R201443 97.50

Adapter, V-Mask to T-Piece with both ends 22mm OD ports R201302 135.60

Adapter without Luer port, V-Mask to MIR, R2700 or Y2700 V-MIR 85.00
  Buy 5 or more for $75.00 each

Adapter with Luer port, V-Mask to R2700 or Y2700 in photo above R200583 140.00

Adapter: R2600 to V-Mask R200584 140.00

Adapter, V-Mask to K-Valve K270-V 115.00

Adapter, V-Mask to Q-Valve QMP10 165.00